Welcome and come on in!

Grab your cup of coffee and come relax with me. Pajamas welcome!  Let me tell you a story or two and while you are here, go shopping!  There is nothing better than shopping in your pajamas.  In the “Shop Around The Corner”, you will find cute, inexpensive earrings and interesting things I come across in my shopping travels.

For my current posts, please see “Blog Posts“. I have had a very interesting year which has changed my life completely! I met the man of my dreams in November 2017 and we were married this January. I am a very luck woman! He spoils me…as every woman should be…he is kind, funny and extremely supportive of me and all that I do. I wish I could copy him for all of the women out there that are not being treated like a queen!

I also quit a very good paying job with an employer I had served loyally for 10 years! Am I crazy or what? Lol. (Yes, I still use Lol even though the youngins’ tell me that it is antiquated.) Anyway, not crazy, just too darn stressed. I just kept thinking there has to be a better way.  Why work my fanny off for someone else when I could be doing it for myself?  Everything inside of me screamed, “Save yourself!” So I did.

Time for a new path…a new chapter! I am 55 and what I have learned so far in this life is that at the very least, you should be happy. You have heard it before as have I, “Life is too short!” The older I get, the more I understand the intent of that sentiment.  Happiness doesn’t just “come” to anyone; you have to make your own happiness.

So one of my “new chapters” starts with my lifestyle blog.  Come with me on my journey of navigating the 50’s, new chapters and continuing my education along the way. During this journey, I will be posting information about products I have used and think are worthy of passing along.  Some of those promotions I am paid for and some I am not, however, they are all products in which I feel confident enough to post.  I hope that anything I share with you helps in some small way and that this blog will be fun for us both!

February 2019

P.S. Remember that for my current posts, see my “Blog Posts” section!