My Babies

Watch My Funny Kitty Drink Water! 

This is our Balki kitty.  Picasso, my other kitty, taught him this trick.  Picasso is the only cat I have ever seen do this and then one morning…

My Sweet Little Yoshi Cookie

This is only a few days after I got Yoshi.  I was so amazed at how he trusted me so willingly and how contented he was just being close to me.  He looks pretty contented for just having come from a shelter, doesn’t he?  Seven years ago, I found this little guy…or more like he found me and he changed my world.  I am not sure how Yoshi spent his first 6 years of life but he came with some quirks.  That was just fine with me…a little different…but we managed. 

For instance, it has taken me six years to get him to eat out of a bowl or off of a paper plate.  I used to have to put the food on a blanket and sit there with him to get him to eat.  It was crazy!  I had never seen anything like it.  He also didn’t have very good teeth so this made finding food he was able to chew just a little tricky!  Lol.  

Quirky or not, he is well worth all of it!  He is the sweetest, most loving cuddle bug I have ever encountered.  I had no idea how much I needed him until we met.  I was walking through an animal shelter, basically feeling so very sad for all of those displaced fur babies, and I walked through the small animals section, somewhat hurriedly because I was ready to leave, and out of the corner of my eye, this little ball of fur perked up and seemed excited to see me.  I held him in the visiting area and that was the end of that…he came home with me and it was wonderful!

It took us a while to figure each other out but we did and he has become my little shadow.  To have the unconditional love of such a sweet little heart is the most amazing feeling and it makes me want to always give him the best I can.  

Chillin’ Kitty

This is Picasso…my big baby.  Lol.  He is a tuxedo kitty and very smart.  Too smart!  He has mellowed with age though.  I have had him for a long time.  In regard to his environment, he is the most adaptable cat I have ever encountered.  However, when it comes to his kitty litter and his food, he will let you know when he isn’t happy.  I call him our “Precocious Prince” because of his antics.  He knows who the boss is!  I keep telling him that it is me but he knows better.  He surely doesn’t clean up after me like I do him!  

The Princes of Our Castle

Let me introduce you to the princes of our castle. They certainly enrich our lives and keep us on our toes. As we go along, I will share stories with you that I hope will bring a smile to your day!